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Just a quick update when I don’t have time to post something proper

The vague plan for April

Another month has been and gone! Last month was the tail end of Cambodia. Where I did the amazing island of Koh Rong and then ended back in Siem Reap to catch a flight. However I was very ill in...

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Everyday I love the Philippines more

I just travelled for 27 hours (overnight ferry from Coron to Manila, plane from Manila to Cebu, taxi tricycle & car then local bus to Maya), no accommodation booked and it's Good Friday (which is a big thing here). So...

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Next destination: the Philippines!

Tomorrow we head to The Philippines for just over 3 weeks! It’s not on the usual South East Asia route for most, but the people I know that have been there have nothing but praise for it. One of...

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Covered in elephant shit but couldn’t be happier

When your tour guide announces his name as "Machete" you know it's going to be a good tour. When he then tells you that often the male elephants have 5 legs then you know it'going to be a funny tour....

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I have a rough plan (well for the next week at least!)

After a mad 3 nights in Bangkok (which I will post about when I get a minute) me and 5 others have decided to go to the island Koh Phangan for 3 nights so we can do the Full...

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