Another month has been and gone!

Last month was the tail end of Cambodia. Where I did the amazing island of Koh Rong and then ended back in Siem Reap to catch a flight. However I was very ill in the last couple of days and pretty much just slept and chilled in my hostel there. 

Then it was onto the Philippines. I’m still currently here, and have a flight booked out on April 10th to Kuala Lumpur. That will be my 30th day in the Philippines and I’ve had such an amazing time here. I was very tempted to extend my visa and stay another 30 days. However I’ve decided to visit other countries and know the Philippines is always there for me if I want another awesome 30 days away. There’s still a few spots I’d love to explore and it sounds like a great place to just relax and learn to surf. So maybe if this travelling malarkey gets too stressful I’ll end up there?

Once in Kuala Lumpur the current plan is to spend a few days there and explore the city. I’ve heard from 2 great ladies I met in Laos and travelled that country with, that they’ll be in Kuala Lumper at the same time. So really looking forward to catching up with them. 

Then the vague plan kicks in. Hopefully head to Nepal! A few days spent in Kathmandu, then looking to do a trek. Of course nothing booked in advance. It should definitely make a change from the beach life of the Philippines. I’ll probably spend 2-3 weeks there, but who knows?

Scarily that will take us into the next month already. I barely think a week ahead these days, so please don’t ask me my plans for May! 


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