Who are you?

Probably best just to read my About Me page. In short, I’m Craig!

Why the name “no real plan”?

Everyday I was having multiple conversations with friends and family asking me “where will I be for my next birthday?” or “what order will I go to countries in?”

I found myself replying more and more with, “I don’t know, I have no real plan”. So I searched to see if the domain was taken, it wasn’t. Then I looked to see if the username was still available on Instagram and Twitter and it was and as they say, the rest was history (maybe a sign it’s a rubbish name or everyone has a plan with their life bar me!).

So you really have no real plan?

I have a vague idea of what I want to do and see. I’d love to go around South East Asia, Australia and South America, then money permitting see where else I could go. Apart from that, I have no idea if I’ll be in Asia for 6 weeks or 6 months!

Your backpack doesn’t look that big. What do you go around the world with?

My backpack is made by Tortuga and meets the carry on/hand luggage requirements. I also have their small foldable Daypack when I just want to go around town or to the beach without my main bag. You can find my packing list here. Current weight of everything including clothes & electronics is around 11kgs.

What’s your budget? I’ve heard money makes you go around the world or something like that?!?

Researching online, and from my previous travelling, I’m budgeting myself a very rough £35 a day/£1000 a month. Now in some countries I’d expect to be way under that (most places in South East Asia for example), other countries like Japan and Australia, that budget will probably even be on the low side, but it should work itself out all in the wash (I hope!).

How are you affording all this? Did you secretly win the lottery? 

Nope, I’ll be crashing in hostels and going very budget! You can read here about how I saved. I also have an excellent work ethic, and have had a job since I was 13. I’m happy to work at hostels for free accommodation or elsewhere if it means I get to see more of the world as my money has gone further.

I’ve noticed spelling & grammatical errors. What gives? You’re from England, don’t you know English?!?

My attitude is just to write, quickly proof read and then hit post. Sometimes in 40C heat I may miss something, or write more gibberish than usual. But if I was constantly checking everything I wrote, I’d probably never hit that post button! Any glaring and catastrophic errors where I miss the “o” out in “count” or something similar, please let me know!

Can we follow you on your journey?

Yes! Click here to see my route so far. Or download the Polarsteps app and follow “norealplan” on there.

How many websites have you designed before this one?

This is my first one. Can you tell?!

I’ve noticed that some of the links on the site are affiliate links. What gives? 

This website costs some money to upkeep, so you clicking on a link may earn me a very small commission, but won’t cost you a penny more. So you get to buy something knowing that I can vouch for it as I have put it through its paces travelling around the world with, you clicking the link & buying it earns me a bit of money, and the company you’re buying it from gets a sale. Every one is a winner right? So bottom line it doesn’t cost YOU any extra.

Sometimes you can benefit from them too, so a great example is if you click on this Air BnB link and if you’re a first time sign up you’ll get $25/£14 of free credit.

Still got a question? 

Probably best to contact me via social media