After a mad 3 nights in Bangkok (which I will post about when I get a minute) me and 5 others have decided to go to the island Koh Phangan for 3 nights so we can do the Full Moon Party and escape the mad humity of Bangkok! 

19 hours after various trains, buses and ferries (1050 baht in total so £20/$30 US and meant I didn’t need a hostel for the night) we are finally here. As you can see, it’s not too shabby!  

Then Monday, some of us are heading to Koh Tao, and we’ll be there until Friday doing our PADI scuba diving courses. Spending a week on the same beach/island and doing my scuba diving were both on my bucket list!

This was all madly decided and booked on Weds night so it shows how easy it all is. 

The plan after Friday is unknown but the spontaneity of travelling this way is amazing. If I love scuba diving that much, I may stay on to do my advance course. However I could island hop and do that somewhere else; or I could even head to northern Thailand and do some mountain trekking!

We shall see. All I do know is that I’m loving Thailand and travelling. So easy to meet people. Definitely made the right choice in going. 

Anyway just a very quick post as I’m now heading off to the beach!


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