The vague plan for September: chocolate cake…oh and Nepal

So I have a note on my phone with just a few countries I still wouldn’t mind visiting in Asia. Whenever I meet a traveller and they’ve been to that country, I usually either write down a few recommendations they suggest or I pass them my phone and get them to write down some activities, hostels they stayed in, bars to visit etc.

I’ve found this has worked well for me so far, as sometimes you’ll bump into someone that has literally just been to that country, so it’s a lot more uptodate than a travel guide or a blog from the last few years. Also it’s great to have someone in front on you that you can then ask a few quick questions, and clarify a few things. Plus you also hear about some things that just aren’t in travel guides and that well known.

Now I’ve just been in Indonesia for two and half months, and I was thinking where to next? I look at my note, it reads (without the recommendations):





Sri Lanka




Hong Kong


South Korea???

So as you can see, still many countries I want to visit in Asia!

It was then a case of weighing up weather, flight prices and really what I feel like doing. So after some days thinking about it (yes it’s such a hard life) I decided on Nepal. It’s coming into the good weather, I can be there before peak season so prices will be cheaper and there should be less tourists too, and it should be different to any other country I’ve been to so far in 2016.

Now I have no warm clothes and no real plan (what a surprise). I know I want to do some trekking (maybe the Annapurna Circuit?) and just to explore Nepal, so here it goes! I’ve booked my first 3 nights at hostel that has been recommended to me numerous times in my notes app: Alobar 1000. Cost? £2.95 a night. I’m just going to buy some warm clothes when I get there and work out what to do next.

So I look back at my Nepal notes. Alobar 1000 hostel booked, what else? There is one other recommendation. Now I remember, two great Irish girls I travelled with for awhile around Laos and Malaysia, took my phone one night to write Nepal notes as they’d both been there. I remember thinking I’d hit the jackpot, I’m going to have recommendations for everything.

I get my phone back. It simply reads “Go to a restaurant called KB2 or something. Have chocolate cake”. That’s it.

I look back up at them. I think they can see a bit of disappointment on my face. They simply say “trust us, it’s the best chocolate cake you’ll ever have. You’ll thank us later.”

Luckily I’ve had many other people this week recommend me trekking options and that, but yeah basically I’m off to have some chocolate cake, oh and explore Nepal with no real plan. Wish me luck!


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  1. Blackbird August 29, 2016 at 10:21 · ·

    Haha enjoy your chocolate cake mate!! Eh…. Nepal;)

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