Covered in elephant shit but couldn’t be happier

When your tour guide announces his name as “Machete” you know it’s going to be a good tour. When he then tells you that often the male elephants have 5 legs then you know it’going to be a funny tour. I’m with the Asian elephant equivalent of Crocodile Dundee.

Deciding on a place was a job in itself. Me and mates didn’t want to go to a park where the elephants were chained or you could ride them, so we checked out what else we could do. After asking about and researching on the internet, the Elephant Jungle Paradise Park came up a winner.

Today I’ve:

  • Had my tour jeep breakdown in the middle of nowhere
  • Fed many elephants including a baby one
  • Been kissed by an elephant
  • Had a mud bath with 4 elephants
  • Made medicine balls for the elephants (and tried a bit of one)
  • Showered under a waterfall (to get rid of all the mud and elephant dung)
  • Eaten some great food
  • Had a mad jeep ride down the mountain
  • Met some amazing people (went out with them in the evening in Chiang Mai after getting on so well with them)
  • Had the craziest, funniest tour guide but was so informative and genuinely seemed to love the elephants

The whole day was simply amazing, and I really can’t recommend the park enough!

p.s Internet connection is ropey, so not too many photos and just a quick post as I’m getting mad with the shite wifi and want to go out an explore Chiang Mai some more!



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