So January has just vanished into thin air. I’m not sure where it went but I loved it so much as it meant spending some great days with my family after Xmas into Jan (one of the perks of me quitting my job and being a jobless bum) and then having an immense time in Thailand. Dare I say, it was my best January ever? 

So now onto February! 

I’m still currently in Thailand. Right now in Chiang Mai and just loving the laid back atmosphere here and the activities you can do (like the awesome Elephant Jungle Park). 

Me and two other Brits I met in Bangkok are currently travelling together, and it looks like we’re heading to Pai at the weekend to stay in a circus hostel (because why the hell not?!?). 

Then at some point next week we’re going to get a 2 day slow boat into Laos. Yes 2 days. Insane I know but so many people have said how good it is for the experience and meeting people that we’re going to do it. As we’re not pushed for time and a speedboat would just be boring eh? 

We’ve got a few places we want to hit in Laos from recommendations back home to other travellers we’ve met out here, plus I’m sure when we’re in Laos we’ll discover things we want to do (some of our best activities have been found this way in Thailand). Depending on how we get on in Laos then that may be it for February. However if we do head to another country it will probably be Cambodia. 

Have we booked our slowboat to Laos or even our bus to Pai yet? Of course not. We’ve been far too busy having mud baths with elephants this week to sort out that boring shit. 

Living only a few days ahead when travelling is almost too laid back at times but just being able to go with the flow I personally don’t think you can put a price on. Hate a place? Move on. Love a place? Book another night. Met some awesome people? Go with them somewhere or invite them with you. 

So people, I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to juggle with fire when you next see me, but I’m sure February has the potential to be the best Feb ever for me. I hope you have a bloody good one too. 


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  1. I guarantee you will stay longer in Pai than you think. One of the most chilled out places. Make sure you hire scooters as its the best way to see whats around there and so easy to find your own way about.

  2. Craig Russell February 5, 2016 at 01:18 · ·

    I keep hearing how chilled and great Pai is from a lot of people. Looking forward to it 🙂

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