Who are you?

Probably best just to read my About Me page. In short, I’m Craig!

Why the name “no real plan”?

Everyday I was having multiple conversations with friends and family asking me “where will I be for my birthday?” “what countries do you plan on

So you really have no real plan?

I have a vague idea of what I want to do and see. I’d love to go around South East Asia, Australia and South America, then money permitting see where else I could go. Apart from that, I have no idea if I’ll be in Asia for 6 weeks or 6 months!

How are you affording all this? Did you secretly win the lottery?

Nope, I’ll be crashing in hostels! You can read here about how I saved.

I’ve noticed spelling & grammatical errors. What gives? You’re from England, don’t you know English?!?

My attitude is just to write, quickly proof read and then hit post. Sometimes in 40C heat I may miss something, or write more gibberish than usual. But if I was constantly checking everything I wrote, I’d probably never hit that post button!

How many websites have you designed before this one?

This is my first one. Can you tell?!


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