I just travelled for 27 hours (overnight ferry from Coron to Manila, plane from Manila to Cebu, taxi tricycle & car then local bus to Maya), no accommodation booked and it’s Good Friday (which is a big thing here).

So we rock up after a long, crowded and sweaty bus journey and there’s one place to stay. The owner could charge us anything right now and we’d take it but he says he hates the idea of overcharging westerners and gives us a room at a great price. Then we’ve got a bloody local lady offering to cook us noodles if we can’t find a restaurant that’s open. Legends!
So the restaurant (outdoor hut in middle of nowhere) was open, we were the only westerners there and we ate with 20+ laughing Filipinos who welcomed us with open arms and made sure we were fed and happy with our meals. 

Everyday I fall more in love with this country. The world really isn’t as bad a place as our media would make you think it is. 

P.s quick post as I’m bloody shattered after 27 hours of travelling and we’re still not where we want to be (Malapascua) but maybe I’ll do more of these so I remember what I’ve done. Oh no. This site is actually becoming a proper blog! 


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