My scuba dives 

The amount I’ve dived in the last few months is crazy and I’m losing track of what’s what, who I dived with, who I’d recommend etc. So here’s a list! If there’s no recommendation next to where I dived for a dive company, then there’s sadly a reason for that.

I’m not writing prices as it will probably scare me how much I’ve spent in total on this new hobby of mine!

I’ve currently scuba dived 37 times.

Of those I have done:

3 wreck dives – where I have been in the wrecks not just around (Coron, Philippines & The Perhentian Islands, Malaysia)

2 night dives (El Nido, Philippines & The Perhentian Islands, Malaysia)

So far I have dived here:

Borneo, Malaysia (9 dives – all with Uncle Chang)

Kapalai (1 dive)

Mabul (2 dives)

Sipadan (6 dives) – expensive diving but soooo glad I did it!

Fiji (1 dive)
Yasawa Islands – introductory dive


Pulaua Weh, Sumatra (3 dives)

Malaysia (3 dives)

The Perhentian Islands (3 dives) – Night, wreck and a reef (Monkey Dives highly recommended)

Philippines (17 dives)

Coron (3 dives) – Amazing wreck diving here! Sunken Japanese World War II ships that you can actually swim inside the wrecks. (Rocksteady Diving recommended here)


Diving Barracuda Lake in Coron, involves a swim in the ocean, then a walk up and down some steps with your scuba kit on. No wetsuit though as the lake is nearly 40C when you’re down below 25 metres!

Donsol (3 dives) – Saw a manta ray at the infamous Manta Bowl. Amazing creatures.

El Nido (7 dives) – I completed my Advance Open Water here, along with 2 fun dives and my first ever night dive (Submariner highly recommended!)

Malapascua (1 dive) – saw Thresher sharks! I wanted to do more dives but due to technical issues at the dive shop we couldn’t (they’re couldn’t fill up anymore tanks!)


Waiting for Thresher sharks in Malapascua

Moalboal (3 dives) – the amazing sardine run really needs to be experienced here. You walk into the sea from the dive shop and are then surrounding by thousands of sardines that form a tornado around you. Also the coral has some great features too. (Cebu Dive Centre highly recommended)

Thailand (4 dives)

Koh Tao (4 dives) – Where I learnt to dive and completed my Open Water PADI (Simple Life Divers highly recommended)


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